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Pension Power - ShareAction


  • Client: ShareAction

  • Length: 2 minutes, 43 seconds

  • Style: Live-action


ShareAction are an organisation that helps pension savers to gain greater transparency about how their pension money is being invested. They approached us to create a video that would bring some awareness to this important issue.


Our approach:

We've done a lot of work within the financial sector at Ember, and greater transparency for customers in this area is something we're passionate about. We traveled to London to where a number of pension savers who had become involved with the ShareAction campaign were meeting to get some insight into why this campaign is so important. We took time to interview the savers-turned-activists to hear about how they realised their own pension information was being hidden from them, and how wide-spread an issue this is for many workers across the UK. We also asked our interviewees to talk about what the campaign hopes to achieve, which is to push for more transparency from pension providers and to ultimately encourage investment in more sustainable companies as a result.

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