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Big on Brum - Birmingham Live


  • Client: Trinity Mirror

  • Length: 1 minute, 17 seconds

  • Style: Live-action, launch video


Trinity Mirror reached out to us to help them create a launch video to promote the re-brand of the Birmingham Mail news site into Birmingham Live. They wanted it to be something uplifting and inspiring that could establish their love of the city and its people. 


Our approach:

The Birmingham Live team sent us over 200 photos - the result of a photography project they had commissioned to capture the essence of Birmingham life - and we used these to communicate all the essential information about the site's new direction and their key promises to readers. We selected the photos we thought best paired with each line of our script to emphasise its message, then timed each moment with the beats of a triumphant music track to encourage a sense of excitement and celebration. We also implemented a fast-paced editing style that cut to sections of the image just before your eye would naturally be drawn to them, to reflect the 'live' and 'up-to-the-minute' nature of the new branding.

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