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Investing: The Evidence


  • Client: RockWealth

  • Length: 43 minutes, 57 seconds

  • Style: Live-action, Documentary


Award-winning financial planning firm, RockWealth, reached out to us with the ambitious goal of creating a documentary on investing. Frustrated by the lack of transparency or evidence-based method in the financial industry, the documentary would aid them in communicating to investing clients the important concepts and data they really need to be aware of.


Our approach:

We spent time with RockWealth identifying the most important evidence and concepts that investors needed to be aware of and discussed how we could communicate these in the most accessible way. We decided to contact a number of industry authorities and evidence-investing professionals to interview them and hear, in their own experienced words, the theories and evidence behind this method of investing in layman's terms. We incorporated simplistic motion graphics to help illustrate certain concepts, as well as to display the information in unique and engaging ways to keep each stage of the documentary feeling fresh and swift.

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