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Promote your brand with video testimonials and success stories

You cannot understate the value of a good video testimonial. Your satisfied customers are the best marketing tool at your disposal and these types of videos are great for highlighting the positive relationships that you’ve built with them.

From hiring a professional crew to filming by yourself, there are so many ways to showcase your success stories through video. Let’s take a look:

video testimonial in progress

Glossy, high-quality case studies

If you’re proud of something you've worked on, it makes sense that you would want to share it to the world in its best light. That’s where a high-quality case study video comes in.

Take a look at this video that we worked on with Birmingham City University, for example. It’s part of a series of student experience videos, intended to inspire prospective students by showing them how BCU’s courses and facilities can help them to grow academically, professionally, and personally.

In this case, BCU wanted to show how their placement offering helped student Liam Davies to develop as a football coach. They organised a shoot day up at Solihull Moors Football Club, and we were able to do more than just tell Liam’s story. We were able to get into the thick of the action with dynamic shots that show his skills on the field, and his confidence in sharing those skills with the next generation of players.

Self-filmed video testimonials

On the other hand, self-filmed or remotely filmed video testimonials have also become a popular choice. This is not least thanks to technological developments like Zoom, and the rise of remote work.

As well as being cheap to produce and convenient for your clients, who can record at their leisure, the more casual and lo-fi style can also make your testimonials feel more authentic and relatable. Compared with a slick interview, these more conversational videos might be more of a fit for your business’ social media strategy.

At most, they’ll only need a bit of extra work at the editing stage. For a series of student vlogs that we have worked on for City, University of London, for example, they provided footage filmed by the students and then we did a bit of tweaking to get them ready for delivery. That usually involved editing the videos into tight chapters, cleaning up audio, and adding lower thirds.

You could even bring in animation and graphics

So, self-filmed or remotely filmed testimonials certainly offer many advantages. But you may want something a little more visually engaging. In that case, motion graphics and animation may be the path to go down.

A former client provided us with the testimonial below, for example. We embellished the client's simple video call footage with vibrant animated graphics that make for a more eye-catching video, and help to illustrate what the client is talking about.

Famously, video calls can be fraught with technical issues. So, animation also provides a handy way of working with a recording that comes out less than perfect.

Our sister company Regis Media, on this testimonial from AES International, paired just the audio recording alongside kinetic typography. This results in a video that gets its message across visually without the original interview footage.

However you want to share your success stories and those of your clients, there are so many ways that Ember Television can meet your video production needs. Whether you want a professional crew to immortalise your latest work, or you just want to embellish some remote footage with tighter editing or eye-catching graphics; please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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