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Why is a video tour right for your business?

A camera, ideal for video tours

We live in an age where the boundaries between physical and virtual experiences have blurred. For that reason, video tours are increasingly important to businesses and their customers. They're a great way for your audience to experience what you have to offer at their own convenience.

In this blog, we'll explore some of the strengths of video tours by looking at a series we worked on last year for Birmingham City University.

Video tours are convenient for your customers

One of the most significant advantages of video tours is the convenience they offer. For a university like BCU, their base of prospective students will be comparing universities all around the country. And for international students, they may be looking at options all around the world.

Tours like these give an immersive look at the spaces and facilities that they will be using from a real student perspective. In the case of the School of Art and School of Jewellery tours, they're even catered to whatever course a viewer may be interested in.

This principle applies to all kinds of other businesses too. Are you an estate agent looking to offer prospective buyers a convenient way of viewing properties? Or perhaps you run a museum, and want to showcase your unique pieces to a global audience? Maybe you just want to give your customers a glimpse behind the scenes of what you do.

You can tailor them to your audience

One of the reasons we enjoyed working on these campus tour projects was how tailored the videos were to a young audience. In this case, it was a chance to incorporate whip-pan transitions and other fun visual tricks. The casual presentation style as well was a great way of showing how comfortable and familiar the students are within the campus spaces.

If you're thinking of a video tour for your own business, think about what style would work best for you? An estate agent may want a more quiet, professional style that focuses more purely on the features, for example. And, on the other hand, a tourist board producing a virtual tour may want to highlight the emotional experiences on offer to holidaymakers.

There are so many ways of incorporating video tours

Video tours are well-suited to an array of platforms. They're great content for a YouTube channel, where viewers may be searching about for specific universities or courses they're interested in. But they're also ideal social content too, especially when combined with the possibility of live video.

They can have a life offline, too. One of the great things that Birmingham City University did with these tours is include QR codes in their physical prospectus guides. This way, prospective students engaging with them through more traditional means could instantly and swiftly look at what they'd been reading about. It was a great way of making the most out of their content.

Video tours are reshaping the way we experience and interact with the world. And, as technology continues to advance, we can only expect even more innovative uses for video tours. If you think a video tour might be a great addition to your business' content strategy, or you just want to know more about what we can offer, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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May 26

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