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Why does your business need cinematic video content?

In an earlier blog, we looked at the importance of visual simplicity in explainer videos. We’ve also taken a look at how small details like subtitles can boost the effectiveness of video content. Sometimes though, when it comes to presenting your business in its best light; you need to focus your energies on the big and the cinematic.

A projector being used to screen a cinematic video

Why is a cinematic video worth making?

As cinema has evolved, filmmakers have developed a whole library of techniques. Careful use of light, camera movement, and composition all help to bring images to the screen that can connect emotionally with a viewer. Photo editor Emily Peterson illustrates this process brilliantly in her article for Science:

“Writers, researchers, and text editors often approach me with visuals they’ve collected for upcoming stories. It might be a lab or a prototype of a new device. These pictures show what it looks like, but I need to make the object of the story look interesting. I work with photographers to effectively communicate what’s important in the image. Eliminating visual distractions and using composition or light clarifies the information I want the final picture to convey.”

In the cinematic video work that we’ve done, we relish the opportunity to use more ambitious cinematography. This approach can elevate and present clients’ offerings in a way that will strike a chord with their target audience.

Take a look at this video we worked on for the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, for example. The client wanted to accomplish two specific goals with this video:

  • Highlight RBC's fusion of traditional prestige and cutting-edge technology.

  • Convey the thrill of musical performance.

Working with a drone crew, we were able to capture wide, sweeping shots that immerse the eye in visual detail. The modern architecture, ornate grand pianos and organs, state-of-the-art studio and lighting equipment.

In the edit, we structured all these eye-catching shots like a musical piece. We introduce the viewer sequentially to these individual elements. The shots build up and culminate in the final moment, when we see a student performance in progress.

What goes into bringing this to the screen?

A cinematic promo demands a bit more in terms of time and resources. Capturing these more ambitious, more cinematic shots requires more planning. As a result, we will often undertake a comprehensive recce at the location, and prepare shot lists and storyboards. Drone filming as well requires a specialist pilot, additional insurance, and permissions.

All this extra effort is clear to see in the final product, though. It’s worth it to have a video that can speak so boldly for what you can offer. With our expertise in all areas of video production, we’re capable of delivering at every stage of this process - from pre-production to the final edit.

If you have further questions or would like to discuss working with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page.

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