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How can behind-the-scenes content engage your audience?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

As video producers, we’re very aware of the power of showing audiences a glimpse of “behind the scenes”. Think about, for example, what inspired some of today's most successful filmmakers. In The New York Times, Fabrice Robinet argues that the advent of DVDs, and their wealth of behind-the-scenes features, played a big role:

“Behind the scenes videos, explained [the Duffer brothers, creators of Stranger Things], gave them an inside look at the filmmaking process. … ‘bonus features were really the only way for us to experience a film set – to see how movie magic was made’.”

Fast forward to 2023. With the tools and platforms available today, bridging the gap between brands and audiences is easier than ever. Whatever field you work in, there are countless benefits to letting audiences peek behind the curtain.

A clapperboard set on a table.

Behind-the-scenes content showcases what you can do

“What we strive for is that you don’t notice the edit, you don’t notice how the story is being told … Mostly, when you do your job well, the audience is totally in the moment and totally in the story, and never notices your work at all.”

You can apply film editor Billy Fox's observations on the "invisibility" of his craft to all manner of different industries. A key benefit, then, of behind-the-scenes content is that opportunity to showcase what usually goes unnoticed. The wealth of ambition, effort, and hard work behind the scenes.

For example, take a look at this documentary-style video we worked on for the USE-IT! urban regeneration project. The film's four parts each correspond to the goals that USE-IT! had in terms of encouraging community and growth in Birmingham. And each part takes an in-depth look at exactly how those goals were achieved. This outlines the positive legacy of the project, and even suggests how the work could be replicated in other areas.

It's a great way of building anticipation

Do you have an event coming up, or perhaps a product launch? Whatever projects are in the pipeline, behind-the-scenes content is a great way to build anticipation.

It's something we've done before on our own social media platforms in the past when we've been out on shoots. It's a great way to publicise the work we've done and, as a video production company, a way of highlighting the great kit and expertise at our disposal.

A montage of behind-the-scenes images from Ember Television's BCU Sports shoot. This was published on Ember's social media profiles.

Ultimately, it's a great way of telling your story

Finally, content marketing is all about stories. And, as the previous examples have shown, the process of working on almost any project will present you with an array of unique stories to tell.

Take a look at this example from Google Street View. Their content marketing strategy highlights the people who collect the images used for their service. These are people whose job involves travelling and documenting locations all over the world... it goes without saying that they'll have a wealth of interesting stories to tell about what they do!

One of the most interesting examples from Google Street View is their short documentary Mapping Tonga. This follows Tania Wolfgramm and Wikuki Kingi’s ambitious efforts to document the South Pacific nation of Tonga (comprising a number of islands, many of them uninhabited).

A piece like this not only tells an interesting story, but also presents viewers with a new and different perspective on the technology. As Kingi explains:

“…What we saw with Street View is an ability for people [who have left here] to connect with their homeland. There’s also the ability for the global audience to look at stories about our identity.”

So: talking about how you do what you do offers up a number of potential benefits. It's not just a way of more openly displaying and sharing your skills and processes. Nor is it just a way to build hype for your upcoming work. It's a whole new way of appealing to your audience on an authentic, engaging, and human level.

If you'd like to know more about how we can help you to engage your audience and showcase your work through great video content, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


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