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Video is still important during times of change

During times of change or uncertainty, businesses may find themselves compelled to cut costs. Video and other marketing efforts will often be one of the first things to go.

Is this really the right move for businesses to make, though? There are many reasons why, even during difficult times, good video communication pays dividends.

Video can connect your team during times of change

For internal use, video can be a vital communication tool for businesses going through big change. We saw this during the coronavirus lockdowns, which introduced remote working to many workplaces.

The new practices introduced lots of questions for employers and employees alike. What does an effective remote or hybrid work policy look like? How can businesses navigate the technical complications thrown up by working from home? How can workers keep a healthy work-life balance?

Video, more so than written communication, is perfect for solving these kinds of problems. Take a look at this video from the Harvard Business Review, which illustrates why:

Most of the questions that employees had about remote working were emotional concerns. This video is able to address those in a way that is suitably personable, relatable, and easily-digestible.

Generally, internal video content of all kinds can play a vital role in keeping teams engaged and updated. Take short-form explainer videos, for example. These are ideal for clearly and simply explaining any changes to your business' systems or processes to your entire workforce.

Video works for all kinds of external communications too

Whatever change your business is going through, video is a perfect way to keep up communication with your customer base. We had a great opportunity a while ago to help Bayes Business School with this. When they changed their name in 2020, we worked with them on a series of videos publicising the rebrand and delving into the decision.

Of the four videos produced as part of this project, the centrepiece is a video featuring City, University of London academic Dr. Lise Butler. Butler explains the thinking behind the name change. In doing so, she acknowledges the Business School’s previous namesake John Cass and his connections to the slave trade. She also talks about other ways in which the Business School wants to interrogate its own past and present relationship with racial inequality.

She counters the argument raised by some that this is an “erasure of history”, by noting that – on the contrary – “[By critically engaging with history], we are adding to it. We are making it richer. This … is absolutely what history is about.”

Running a business is never a smooth journey. Whatever changes your business is going through, or whatever uncertainty you are faced with; video can be an excellent tool for keeping your communications on course. If you’d be interested in working with us – or simply if you’d like to know more about what we can provide – feel free to get in touch with us.


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